40 – Mars One Waning (feat. Ryan MacDonald)

April 17, 2018

Mars One captured the world’s attention when it announced its intentions to colonize Mars by 2023. But since that milestone announcement back in 2012, the organization has faced funding difficulties, delays, and accusations of fraud and misdirection. Meanwhile, the Mars 100, the hundred candidates currently hoping for a seat on the first mission, are left waiting and wondering. Cambridge University PhD student and Mars 100 candidate Ryan MacDonald joins Jake to discuss his experience, the money situation, and Mars One’s future.

We Discuss Mars One

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Past coverage of Mars One

  • Episode 1: The Waxing Interest in Mars (January 2016)

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One comment on “40 – Mars One Waning (feat. Ryan MacDonald)

  1. Really liked the idea of pivoting to a astronaut trainig program

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