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WeMartians 2019 Update

In a quick holiday update, Jake shares an update on the podcast announcing the WeMartians Travel Grant, looking ahead to our next Patreon Goal and content for 2019, as well as two upcoming conferences and... Read More
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52 – Comin’ up Jezero (feat. Tim Goudge)

NASA has selected the next landing site for its future Mars rover, Mars 2020. Jezero Crater is an incredible ancient river delta spilling in to the side of a crater. But what really makes it... Read More
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51 – Entry, Descent, and Landing

On November 26th, 2018, NASA successfully landed the InSight spacecraft on the surface of Mars. It was their 8th successful landing, went picture-perfect, and seemed to defy the common thought that Mars landings rarely work.... Read More
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49 – Moon to Mars (feat. Laura Forczyk)

NASA continues to advance it’s Moon-first strategy, and commercial companies are starting to hop on board. Along with international interest, it all forms the backbone of NASA’s Moon to Mars strategy. Space consultant and founder... Read More

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WeMartians Shop – Fresh Holiday Gear!

The holiday season is here, and to mark the season we’ve got some great new additions to the WeMartians Shop. Winter Space Helmets! It’s winter, and that means you could be losing valuable heat energy…

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