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59 – Artemis (feat. Casey Dreier)

NASA is sending people back to the Moon, or so they say. A human deep space program is easier said than done. The Planetary Society’s Casey Dreier returns to the show to talk about politics,... Read More
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58 – Calling Home from Mars (feat. Michael Staab)

Getting data back from our Mars spacecraft requires some pretty robust communications technology. But the infrastructure that rovers like Curiosity relay their images through is aging, and scientists are starting to worry about what would... Read More
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57 – How to do EVAs on Mars (feat. Stan Love)

NASA’s BASALT program (Biologic Analog Science Associated with Lava Terrains) has been working on understand how to do real science on an EVA since 2016. Jake is joined by NASA Astronaut, planetary scientist and program... Read More
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56 – LPSC 2019 (The Legacy of Apollo)

Jake is on-site at the 50th annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference to report on Mars science results and the shift to the Moon. Fifty years from Apollo’s first landing, lunar samples are still having... Read More
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55 – Glen Torridon (feat. Kristen Bennett)

Curiosity recently drove down from the Vera Rubin Ridge, its home for the last year and a half, into a new clay-rich area called Glen Torridon. Planetary Scientist Kristen Bennett joins Jake to talk about... Read More

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