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Introducing the Red Planet Review

Hello Martians! Last month we announced some changes to our Patreon goals and rewards. One of the exciting new things we announced was the Red Planet Review, a short new weekly series that will cover... Read More
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BONUS – New Year, New Patreon, New Shop

Hopefully everyone is having a great holiday break. I wanted to take the opportunity during this downtime to share some of the cool stuff we just launched! This podcast is the audio version of the... Read More

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WeMartians Celebrates Engineers Week

This week, we’re celebrating National Engineers Week. Engineers are a massive part of space exploration. Without them, we would never have achieved our successes at Mars and beyond. On the WeMartians Podcast, we’ve had the…

New Shirts New Sweaters

It’s been a couple of months since we launched the WeMartians Shop and the response has been great. Thanks to everyone who purchased a shirt so far! Not only do you look great, but you’re…

WeMartians Visits Falcon Heavy

Almost seven years ago, Elon Musk revealed the Falcon Heavy rocket at a small press conference in Washington, DC. It was a rocket whose idea sprung from a customer request seven years before that. And…

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