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45 – Coming Together for Mars (feat. Jeff Johnson)

Missions to Mars don’t happen by accident. A ton of planning goes in long before the spacecraft is even selected. Understanding the consensus wishes of the scientific community is critical to putting resources into the... Read More
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40 – Mars One Waning (feat. Ryan MacDonald)

Mars One captured the world’s attention when it announced its intentions to colonize Mars by 2023. But since that milestone announcement back in 2012, the organization has faced funding difficulties, delays, and accusations of fraud... Read More

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WeMartians Back to School Sale!

It’s August, and that means it’s time to get ready for the new school year. Show up on campus in style with a WeMartians design, and help support an independent podcast at the same time!…

WeMartians at InSight Launch

Well Martians, we’re down to the final week! NASA’s InSight mission to Mars lifts off early Saturday morning and we’re travelling down to watch the event and cover it for you. Here’s what you can…

Bringing Forward Mars Polar Science

Periodically, scientific discoveries at Mars prompt new thinking and paradigm shifts in the way we perceive the Red Planet. If these changes are significant enough, it merits an adjustment to our strategy when we explore….

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