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49 – Moon to Mars (feat. Laura Forczyk)

NASA continues to advance it’s Moon-first strategy, and commercial companies are starting to hop on board. Along with international interest, it all forms the backbone of NASA’s Moon to Mars strategy. Space consultant and founder... Read More
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47 – Recovering Opportunity (feat. Mike Seibert)

The Opportunity Rover hasn’t been heard from since June 10th, and things are starting to look dire. NASA recently released a new plan to recover the intrepid Mars explorer but the plan hasn’t convinced everyone... Read More
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46 – Keeping Mars Alive (feat. Rick Davis)

NASA may have pivoted to the Moon, but Mars remains a horizon goal. Keeping the different departments at the Agency focused and working together towards this goal is no small task. Jake is joined Rick... Read More
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45 – Coming Together for Mars (feat. Jeff Johnson)

Missions to Mars don’t happen by accident. A ton of planning goes in long before the spacecraft is even selected. Understanding the consensus wishes of the scientific community is critical to putting resources into the... Read More

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WeMartians Shop – Fresh Holiday Gear!

The holiday season is here, and to mark the season we’ve got some great new additions to the WeMartians Shop. Winter Space Helmets! It’s winter, and that means you could be losing valuable heat energy…

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