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32 – The Four Winds of Mars (feat. Lori Fenton)

The plains of Meridiani Planum, where the Opportunity Rover is currently exploring, is home to many surface features, but none are as stunning and the wind-formed dunes and ripples. How do these features form, and... Read More
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29 – A Teenage Rover (feat. Mike Seibert)

For over 13 years, NASA’s Opportunity Rover has been exploring Meridiani Planum on Mars. The determined spacecraft has faced a lot of challenges through its mission, not least of which is continuing to operate in... Read More

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The New WeMartians Web Platform

Hey there, Martians! You might have noticed something different about WeMartians.com. We’ve made a pretty serious upgrade to our web platform! We hope it helps make a better experience visiting us and exploring our podcast….

Introducing the Off-Nominal Podcast

As you may have guessed, I love Podcasting. WeMartians has been one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever worked on, and I’ve learned so much form it. Most importantly, I’ve met a lot of…

Patreon goal reached! Thank you!

Well, you did it, Martians! Thanks to the incredibly generous support of our Patreon supporters, we’ve reached out 2nd pledge goal of $150/month. That listeners like you would be willing to put your money where…

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